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High Ceilings? Lighting Tricks You Need to Know!

High ceilings can fill any space with grandeur, but they have their challenges when it comes to their lighting needs. Finding the right height of lighting fixtures is tricky; thus, lighting a high or vaulted ceiling can sometimes get quite overwhelming. Without sufficient lighting, our poor, tall ceilings can end up unnoticed. 🙁

But hey! Good News!

In this blog, we have covered the most effective tricks, from making bold statements with lofty chandeliers to recessed lighting placement strategies that will help you illuminate your high ceiling area without compromising on the royal feel. 

Bring it on, high ceilings!

Focal Points To The Rescue

Create focal points with chandelier lights to draw the attention upwards. This way, you can add drama in your rooms and make the most of your high ceilings. For example, in a Victorian-style home, a large crystal chandelier looks perfect and also provides sufficient lighting & drama for the space. Focal points ensure that the vertical space gets highlighted neatly.

The ideal height to hang your chandelier is 30-36 inches above a dining table or in the center of a grand foyer. It helps it make a strong visual impact. You can go for a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness as per different occasions and moods.

Alton 5-Light Pendant Ceiling Light Antique Brass

Play With The Height

Hanging pendant lights should be hung at different heights to utilize the vertical space efficiently. It helps improve visibility and adds visual elements to the rooms. 

For example, in a modern kitchen with a high ceiling, you can hang a series of industrial-style pendant lights at irregular heights over the island. It will function as the task lighting.

Using Lights for ceilings in different layers can help create depth and dynamism in the room. Always go for pendant lights with adjustable cords, which will help you easily change the height for different activities or simply refresh the room’s look. You can use this approach in living rooms or entryways to create eye-catching, layered lighting designs.

Nordlux Nori 27 Pendant Ceiling Light White
Nordlux Nori 27 Pendant Ceiling Light White

Ensure a Bright Even Illumination

Recessed lighting is ideal for high ceilinged areas as it provides even, overall illumination without cluttering the ceiling. Install recessed lights in a grid pattern in a contemporary living room with high ceilings It ensures balanced lighting throughout the space. Go for energy-efficient LED bulbs to save costs. Space your recessed lights about 4-6 feet apart to avoid shadows and dark spots.

Eglo FUEVA 1 - LED Recessed Ceiling/Wall Light Satin Nickel

Put Spotlight On Your Key Features

Yes! Use spotlights for the specific areas or features within a room that you want to highlight. In an art gallery-like living space, you can use adjustable spotlights for easy changes in focus, adjusting new artwork or decor as your space evolves.

To highlight your paintings. Place the spotlights strategically to accentuate the architectural details of your room. For instance, placing spotlights above your fireplace mantel or along the beams of a vaulted ceiling can draw eyes to these features and add to the room’s character & depth. 

Rez 3Lt Spotlight Matt Black
Rez 3Lt Spotlight Matt Black

Sconce Up Your Space

Get additional lighting with wall sconces. Install wall lights & sconces at regular intervals if you have a high-ceilinged hallway. These sconces should complement your home’s architectural style. Go for sleek sconces for a modern look or vintage-style sconces for a more traditional decor. 

Apart from adding light, they help in creating a cohesive design scheme. Wall sconces must be installed about 5-6 feet above the floor. It offers soft, diffused lighting without harsh shadows. Wall sconces are also ideal for staircases and living rooms.

Harvey 1-Light Wall Light & Spotlight Nickel
Harvey 1-Light Wall Light & Spotlight Nickel

Get Flexible Lighting Solutions

Floor lamps are one such flexible fixture that can be a practical solution for adding light to areas where ceiling fixtures are not sufficient. They serve as accent lighting and enhance the overall warmth of the room. In a luxurious apartment with an open-plan design, a tall arc-style floor lamp next to a sofa looks really cool and is ideal for creating a cozy reading nook. 

Floor lamps with adjustable arms allow for precise light direction and floor lamps with multiple brightness settings add versatility. You can use them for different tasks ranging from from reading to relaxing. Floor lamps with unique designs can serve as statement pieces.

Corvina Floor Lamp
Corvina Floor Lamp

Look for Fan-tastic Lighting Solutions

Heard of ceiling fans with integrated lights? Yeah! They are a great choice for high-ceilinged rooms as they not only help light up the room but also ensure that there is enough air circulation. It makes the space more comfortable. For example, in a spacious master bedroom that has a vaulted ceiling, a ceiling fan with LED lights can help keep the room cool while providing sufficient light. Always choose a fan with a remote control to ensure easy adjustment of both the fan speed and light intensity from the comfort of your bed.

Try The Smart Lighting Systems

To effectively control and customize lighting for your high ceiling, invest in smart lighting systems like smart bulbs and fixtures. They allow you to adjust the brightness, color, and duration of your lighting. You can even control the direction of your lights using your smartphone or voice commands. Full remote control means added convenience in controlling hard-to-reach lights without the need for ladders or additional tools.

For example, you have a high-ceilinged office. There, if you have an integrated smart recessed lighting system, you can switch your light intensity from bright & shiny in your work hours to soft & subtle while you are relaxing. You do not need to move from your place to adjust your high-ceilinged fixtures. You can also program these smart lights to change lighting settings based on the time of the day or your own schedule, from the comfort of your seat!!

Great, right?

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