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Let There Be Light: Stylish Table Lamps for Every Room

Good lighting can turn everything magical. Just as nature looks beautiful in daylight, your homes look beautiful too when decorated with beautiful lighting fixtures.

However, between the evergreen natural lights & the usual overhead lighting, there is a humble table lamp shining like a star, that keeps our rooms beautifully lit-up without being too harsh, even after the dark!

With a dazzling range of different styles, materials & functions, table lamps can help you illuminate your every room with a warm and inviting glow.

It's time to ditch the overhead glow and explore the world of table lamps!

Comfortable Table Lamps for Bedside

Who doesn't love the classic feeling of having serene table lamps on each side of the bed? Just after you switch off the main lights, these lamps start spreading their warm glow all over, making your bedroom the perfect place to relax. You can go for fabric table lamps in neutral tones like cream or white to enhance this calm vibe. If you are a fan of color, then you can opt for shades of blue or lavender and introduce a pop of color to your bedside. For a modern look, you can go for clean designs in metallic finishes. Glass table lamps are also a great option as they diffuse the light beautifully. However, if you like things raw, go for industrial table lamps that come in rugged finishes and have exposed bulbs or cages for a unique look. Industrial-style table lamps can suit your exposed brick walls or concrete floors very well.

Photo by : A Glass of Bovino

Set the Stage with Living Room Table Lamps

For the heart of your home, i.e., for the living room, the table lamps need to be really exceptional. It is because living rooms are a place for entertaining, relaxing, and catching up with friends and family. The room is a mood-setter; hence, the table lamps in the living room need to set the mood right. They can be positioned on end tables flanking the sofa or placed on console tables behind the couch. It is advisable to choose lamps with large shades as they cast a very gentle, diffused light to enhance the chill vibe. If you want to create a dedicated reading corner or some other focussed area in your living room, you should consider table lamps with adjustable arms or focussed beams of light. Their shades should direct light downward for a targeted effect. Go for statement table lamps with sculptural lamps that have a unique base or a lampshade made from unexpected materials like wicker or feathers. It will instantly grab eyeballs.



Table Lamps in Timeless Materials

Talking about the materials, the commonly used materials in table lamps are glass, ceramic & metal. Glass table lamps create a feeling of openness by allowing the light to pass unobstructed. If the glass is colored, then it looks even more playful. Ceramic table lamps are known for their texture. You should look for ceramic lamps with intricate patterns or hand-painted designs for a unique look. Metal table lamps perfectly complement modern aesthetics by adding a rough industrial look to your rooms.

Westcombe 2Lt Table Lamp Clear Ribbed Glass Base w/ White Shade

 Table Lamps for Every Corner

Not only bedrooms and living rooms, table lamps can add personality to any corner of your home. For example, you can place a pair of matching table lamps on your buffet table to create a perfect meal time. However, for a balanced look, you need to opt for lamps whose shades complement the height of your buffet. Table lamps are great for your home office space. A strategically placed table lamp can provide you with enough focused lighting without creating any glare on your computer screen. Make sure to choose an adjustable lamp for easy redirecting of light. You can also greet your guests perfectly with a cute table lamp on the console table in your entryway. It enhances the sense of hospitality and lets the guest see their surroundings clearly.

Photo by : Allana Laws

How to Place the Table Lamps Effectively?

Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles of table lamps throughout your home. Mix and match to enhance the visual interest and let your space be quirky. If you feel crafty a lot, try giving an old table lamp a new life. Paint it up with a fresh coat of paint, or get a new lampshade for it. This is a budget-friendly option that wil

l let you create a super personalized table lamp for you. Table lamps work best in combination with other lighting sources. While overhead lights can give general illumination, table lamps can be used to create pockets of warm, inviting light in your home. There are endless possibilities to personalize your home using table lamps. All you need to do is choose a perfect table lamp for your interiors. We understand that the task of choosing a perfect table can be overwhelming, given that there is a huge variety of table lamps available in the market.


Top Tips to Choose the Perfect Table Lamps

Now that you know the versatile usage of table lamps, the next question is how to choose the perfect table lamp for your space. 

  • Focus on the size of your space first. It is because the size of your table lamp needs to be in proper ratio to the size of your room. A small lamp can get lost on a large end table, while a bug bulky lamp can be too much for a small nightstand. 
  • Next thing you have to think about is the functionality. What do you need the table lamp for? Do you need it just for decoration, or do you need it to help you read at night time, or maybe you want a combination of both? Consider what you want and then go for a lamp with suitable shade and functionalities. 
  • Also, the bulb types are often ignored in table lamps, but they significantly impact the looks and feels of your decor. If you want a relaxing feel, choose soft, warm bulbs and go for cool white bulbs for brighter illumination. Dimmable bulbs have become popular recently for providing a customization effect.
  • Lastly, do not be afraid to experiment with your home lighting. Table lamps can be a great asset to showcase your personality and style. Go for a ceramic lamp with a burlap shade, if you love rustic farmhouse aesthetics. If you are a mid-century modern design fan, then sputnik-style shades and lamps with clean lines will be your perfect choice. Whatever your taste maybe, there is a table lamp designed just for you!

Durban Table Lamp

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