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Perfect Pairings: Matching Wall Lights with Furniture and Decor

Do you think your job is done when you match your furniture and home decor with your style and personality? No, the next step is matching your
wall lights with the furniture to get the complete look. 

No one at first glance notices your wall light, but if you have one that complements your overall decor, then it is sure to bring in appreciation and attention. 

It is a crucial aspect of interior designing and here’s how you can match your wall light fittings with furniture and decor like a pro!

Ensure Your Wall Lights Match the Room’s Overall Style

First up, vibe check! What is the current room style that is already in your place? Maybe it's modern and subtle? Or maybe you are more into the traditional style? 

Here, analyse your style and then get wall lights that maintain consistency with the style. Sculpted modern wall lights with clean lines pair best with contemporary furniture pieces. But if your tastes are more vintage-inspired, brass wall lights with curved arms or crystal wall lights will bring that classic elegance you want.


Complement Your Wall Light with The Finishes and Furniture Material

This is a very important aspect that can make your decor seem complete. Coordinate your wall light finishes with the materials and tones in your furnishings. 

Say your living room is filled with rich, warm wood pieces like a chestnut leather sofa or oak media console. Brass wall lights would look made for that setting. But if you've got cooler metals like a steel accent table or chrome chairs, stick to those same sleek silver-toned lighting vibes. 

We advise you to not go full-on mismatched wall lights for living room unless you want to aim for a different, out-of-a-box look. If this is not the case then, maximize that flow.


Be Cautious About Co-ordinating the Size of the Wall Light and the Furniture

Choosing the right size is a must when choosing wall lights. You don't want a tiny sconce next to your big, cushy overstuffed sofa. The same goes for oversized wall lights next to a small bleak side table - that is a total overkill. 

Get wall lights properly proportional to the furniture situation. It is just not limited to that, as a next step also ensure you place them in the right position. This will allow them to throw light across and highlight your favourite decor pieces.


Do Not Underestimate the Power of Layering Your Light

We all want that perfect ambient lighting as we see on Pinterest or a movie. The trick behind that is properly layering the different types of lights. 

Use LED wall lights to create a warm and consistent radiance. But also mix in portable lamps and overhead pendants or chandeliers hitting your space from different heights and angles. This combination creates a flattering depth and increases the aesthetic of your room by 10 times. 

Additionally, use dimmers in those wall lights for the living room or wall lights bedroom to set an instant relaxing mood vibe.


Choose Your Wall Light that Goes Well with Your Furniture Colour

In addition to style, also keep in mind the colour of your wall lights when matching them with furniture and decor. Choose lights that complement the dominant colour scheme of your furniture to get that cohesive look.

For example, let's say you have a living room with navy blue sofas and warm wood tones on the coffee table and TV cabinet. To tie it all together, you could select aged brass wall sconces or maybe black wall lights with a brushed finish. The brass colour here picks up the warmth of the wood while the matte finish keeps it from looking too shiny.

The key is analyzing your furniture's colour palette and choosing wall lights that either complement those tones or provide an intentional neutral contrast. 

Pro Tips for Matching Wall Lights with Furniture and Decor

  • When a line of similar shapes is put together in a room, they tend to create visual harmony. So, if your furniture has curved lines, then try to go along similar lines by going with bell-shaped or globe wall sconces. For furnishings with clean, straight edges, look for boxy or rectangular wall lights. This shape repetition ties the elements together.
  • For all art enthusiasts, if your home has a lot of artwork or sculptures, then highlight those with distinctive designer wall lights. For instance, if you have an unusually shaped chair, then complement that with a bold statement black wall light or wall sconces that let the furniture shine.
  • The finish of your wall lights should complement the wood tones of your furniture. If your room has honey or reddish wood tones then pair it up with warm metallics like gold or brass wall lights. On the other hand, for lighter woods, try cooler tones like brushed nickel or chrome or perfect colour fabric wall lights. Here keep in mind that matching metal finishes too closely is also not good as it can look too matchy. Go the middle way and opt for slightly contrasting yet complementary tones.

    Wrapping Up

    With the right wall light that complements your furniture, you can turn a simple space into a dedicated living zone. For instance, by installing swing-arm glass wall lights, you can convert a sitting area into a reading space. 

    So, do not ever underestimate the impact of wall lights on your decor. Use it wisely to turn your home into an artwork in itself.

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