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All About Collingwood Lighting

Illuminating the Path of Innovation
Since its establishment in 1961 in Northampton, England, Collingwood Lighting has been a pioneer in the lighting industry, particularly in LED technology. The company's journey from a modest enterprise to a leader in lighting solutions is a testament to its commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition
Collingwood Lighting's evolution is marked by its transformation from a small company to a globally recognized brand in the lighting industry. By 2018, the company had achieved a remarkable revenue of £22.6 million, reflecting its significant market presence and the trust it has earned from customers worldwide.

A Spectrum of Collingwood Lighting Solutions
Collingwood's product portfolio is diverse and innovative, catering to various needs and sectors. Their range includes architectural lights like the 1901 series, practical solutions like batten and linear lights, and functional options such as emergency and panel lights. Aesthetic lighting options like bollard lights, spike lights, and uplighting are also part of their extensive range. Products like LED strip lights and smart lights showcase their commitment to integrating modern technology with energy efficiency. This broad spectrum of products serves residential, commercial, and industrial applications, including specialized lighting solutions for various settings.

The Core of Collingwood’s Success
At the core of Collingwood Lighting is its relentless pursuit of innovation. The company has consistently embraced cutting-edge technology and design to remain at the forefront of the lighting industry. Their products, including ground lights and floodlights, embody functionality, durability, and ease of installation, making them a preferred choice for various applications.

A Commitment to the Environment
Sustainability is deeply ingrained in Collingwood's business philosophy. The company's operations are powered by 100% renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind turbines. Their waste management practices are notable, with a focus on recycling and energy recovery, ensuring minimal environmental impact. This eco-conscious approach is also reflected in their packaging, which utilizes 100% recyclable materials and FSC-approved card, further reducing their carbon footprint.

Customer-Centric Approach
Collingwood Lighting places great emphasis on customer satisfaction, offering a range of services tailored to meet customer needs. Their specialized design service helps customers select the most suitable lighting solutions and ensures effective implementation. The company's focus on customer service is evident in its efficient support system and the high quality of its products.

Global Reach and Market Adaptation
Collingwood's global reach is a significant aspect of its success. The company has adapted to various market demands, offering lighting solutions that cater to diverse cultural and environmental requirements. This adaptability has allowed Collingwood to maintain a strong presence in the international market, serving customers across different continents with tailored lighting solutions.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Expanding Horizons
Collaboration has been key to Collingwood's growth. The company has formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders, designers, and architects, contributing to innovative lighting projects worldwide. These collaborations have not only expanded Collingwood's reach but have also brought fresh perspectives into their product development and design processes.

Future Directions: Lighting the Way Forward
As Collingwood Lighting continues its journey, the company remains committed to leading in sustainable and innovative lighting solutions. With ongoing research and development, Collingwood is poised to introduce new technologies and products that will continue to revolutionize the lighting industry.

A Bright and Sustainable Future
Collingwood Lighting stands as a beacon of innovation, quality, and environmental stewardship in the lighting industry. The company's journey is marked by its pioneering spirit, diverse product range, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to customer satisfaction. As Collingwood moves forward, it continues to light the path towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

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