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A Quick Guide to Ceiling Light Styles for Every Space

Ceiling lights are important to every home. They light up the house, but that is not their sole function. With the right ceiling lights, you can add character to your space and make it glow. Lights give endless possibilities to experiment. Even better, they come in different styles, shapes and sizes. So, you can be sure there is a perfect light for your space. Let us take you on an inspirational journey to illuminate your space with ceiling lighting. Our guide to ceiling light styles for every space will be a game changer.

Types of Ceiling Lights

Before learning which lights for the ceiling will work best for different corners of your home, here is a quick introduction to the popular styles of ceiling lighting:

  • Chandelier lights are classic and elegant. They add to the grandeur of any room. These statement fixtures add a luxurious touch with their sparkling crystals and intricate designs. Wherever you place them, they become the focal point of your room.
Tirso 9Lt Chandelier Brushed Warm Brass w/ Concave Clear Glass

  • Pendant lights come in many shapes and sizes. These hanging lights provide targeted lighting. From industrial ceiling lights to glass globes, the choices in pendant lights are unlimited.
Hal 6Lt Pendant Ceiling Light Antique Brass

  • Flush ceiling lights fit the best in rooms that have a low ceiling. Then there are also semi-flush lights that sit just a little bit below the ceiling. The two give the same effect and take up barely any vertical space. Their chic designs go well with all kinds of decor; they are that versatile.
  • Spotlights are used for highlighting or drawing attention to certain aspects of either the decor or the architecture. They come in different colours and temperatures. Their strategic use can make the room visually appealing.
Spinny 4Lt Bar Spotlight- Wood & Black Metal

  • Track lights hang down from the ceiling and have a head that can be adjusted to focus on a certain thing or area. These work just like spotlights and work magnificently for high ceilings.

Lighting Guide For Each Room

Lights for ceilings are often not given the importance they deserve. The result is dark corners and dull, uninspiring areas. A well-thought-out combination of ceiling and lights adds to the appeal of the room. It also enhances the functionality and style of the space. So let’s get cracking with some simple and doable ideas that will transform your ceiling with light

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

If you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, refrain from blinding people with brilliance. Use different hues of light to create a play of light and dark that complements the decor. For example, ceiling lights in the living room need to be stylish and functional. As a primary light source, you can use chandelier lights or flush ceiling lights, and for accent lighting, scones and lamps work nicely. Using dimmable lights gives you the option to set brightness as per your choice. 

Delphine 3Lt Flush Ceiling Light Silver Leaf

In the kitchen, you can instantly draw attention with industrial ceiling lights. They look wonderful over the island and add a modern touch. For the kitchen, choose lights that are easy to clean, or they will become a headache later. Similarly, bathroom ceiling lights should provide proper illumination without being too glaring. Recessed LED lights will make your bathroom look bright and open. For makeup and other skincare activities, think of placing spotlights, or mirror lights as they will let you see clearly into the mirror. 

Different Styles for Different Rooms

Setting a different tone for each room is possible through lights. Designer ceiling lights are available for different areas of your home. They look chic and attractive and uplift the entire look of the room. With clean lines and attractive designs, designer ceiling lights are a show-stopper. Nowadays, even brass ceiling lights are back in vogue. People are increasingly experimenting with their traditional and contemporary looks. Where ceiling lights in black add a sleek, modern touch, brass ceiling lights bring a warm, vintage feel. These lights work really well as hallway ceiling lights and bedroom ceiling lights.

These days everything is driven by smart technology, then why not make your lights smart? Integrating smart lights into your ceiling and light setup enhances the home’s overall functionality. With the use of technology, you can adjust the colour and brightness, and even set schedules for the lights in your space. Such convenience and customisation are now possible.

Make a Statement with Dramatic Lighting

Who said you have to do what everyone else is doing? What works for their space may not be a good choice for yours. So, dare to be different and revel in it. To add drama to your space, opt for big light fixtures. They become excellent focal points. Statement ceiling lights for the living room should match its decor. Vintage lighting will not do well in a modern room, and vice-versa. Therefore, choose carefully and find the right combination of lights.

Hallways are used the most when moving from one room to another. At night, having a good and reliable light source becomes important. Hallway ceiling lights should be such that they provide adequate illumination. Scones and recessed lights placed at an even distance will ensure there are no dark corners. However, this is not the look one desires in bedroom ceiling lights. For the bedroom, soft and muted hues help create a peaceful atmosphere. So what you want are dimmable light fixtures. Hence, make a statement, but do it sensibly.


Let in the Natural Light

No matter how much you play with artificial lights, there’s no beating the goodness of natural light. Allow the morning sun to spread its glow through your windows. When the sun’s light becomes too harsh, draw those sheer curtains and let the light gently filter through. In your morning room or breakfast corner, use natural textures. Wooden light fixtures will make the room charming and peaceful. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing Ceiling Lights

There are some things that we all need to keep in mind before buying ceiling lights for any area. These small considerations will make your life much easier in the long run.

  • Brightness - Every room doesn’t need the same amount of brightness. Look for different wattages in bulbs. It will let you create a combination of bright and soothing glows, which gives a versatile look. 
  • Dimmable - Different times of the day require different light intensities. The same varies depending on the activities one indulges in. When playing board games, brighter light is needed, while when watching TV, muted lights are convenient. So look for lights that are dimmable.
  • Energy-Efficient - LED ceiling lights are energy-efficient. They are also available for every kind of light fixture. When it’s possible to save money and still get the fancy look you desire, why not go for it? 

Quick Recap

When choosing ceiling lights, keep in mind the room decor, the effect you want to achieve, and also the size of the room. Ultimately, you want everything to be in harmony, balancing style and functionality. Be open to experimenting with different lighting styles and fixtures. This way, you’ll find out what you like and what works best for your space. 

If you are looking for some truly different and groundbreaking lighting solutions, head on to Comet Lighting. We illuminate your spaces with a beautiful and ethereal glow. You can view our range here.

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