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Expert Tips for Selecting Ceiling Lights Based on Room Height

When designing the home or giving it a makeover, people often put lights on the back burner. Later, they regret the decision because lights are very important to the ambience of the home. Ceiling lights are the primary light fixture and, hence, should be given more consideration. A very important aspect when choosing these is the height of the room. Therefore, we bring to you some expert tips for selecting ceiling lights based on room height.

Creative Lighting Scheme for Low Ceiling

A low ceiling means you cannot have long-hanging lights. This is because such lights take up vertical space, making the room look compact and small. The other drawback is that some corners of the room appear dark as the glow of light does not reach them. Consequently, in rooms with low ceilings, the idea is to have ceiling lighting that is close to the ceiling or embedded in it. In short, you need lights that take little to no head space.


Recessed Lights or Downlights

Recessed spotlights give a sleek and modern touch to the room. They are sleek and unobtrusive. Such lights blend into the ceiling and open up the space. If you like a minimalistic look, these are just what you need. They work best for those spaces where you want clean lines and an uncluttered look. The best feature of recessed spotlights is that they give illumination without attracting any notice to the fixtures themselves. 


Flush Ceiling lights

Flush lights are installed very close to the ceiling. As a result, these, too, make a good fit for low ceilings. These fixtures are available in different styles - simple, modern, and ornate. Choose whichever goes well with your decor and furnishings. They make a good addition to the ceiling lights in the living room. Even as bedroom ceiling lights, they work well.

Oscar 6lt Semi Flush Ceiling Light Matt Black


Lighting Solutions for High Ceilings

High ceilings give the appearance of grandeur and openness. However, lighting such areas can be challenging. The right lighting solution will illuminate the space and make it aesthetically pleasing. The best fixtures for such areas are those that hang down. 

Adour LED Ring Pendant Ceiling Light Polished Chrome

Chandelier Lights

Chandelier lights are an ambient light source. These statement fixtures look very elegant, especially with their traditional and modern looks. Where traditional ones looked grand with hanging crystals, the newer ones cut a fine figure with tiny reflecting surfaces and LED lights. As ceiling lights for the living room and foyer, chandelier lights add subtle opulence.

Spey Linear Chandelier Aged Gold w/ Glass Droplets

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are extremely versatile. They come in so many different looks and styles that you will never run out of options. From ceiling lights in black to industrial-looking ones, glass globes to natural-textured ones, you can let your imagination run wild. Over the dining table or the kitchen island, they will straight up draw everybody’s attention. Pendant ceiling lights in black work like magic with pastel shades and grey decor. 

Lighting Strategies for Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings are also known as cathedral ceilings. These are striking architectural features where the room has one high point from where the ceiling slopes down and meets the vertical walls. So, the lights that you use here should be able to brighten the vaulted ceiling and not make it dark.

Layered Lights

A layered effect can be achieved by combining ambient and accent lighting. Ambient lights will give overall illumination, and accent lights will highlight special features and corners. For example, you can use chandeliers or pendant lights as ambient lighting solutions and table lamps or floor lamps as accent lights.

Longshore 1lt Semi flush

Track Lights

Track lights are a focused ceiling lighting solution. They have adjustable heads that can be directed to highlight specific areas or any special feature of the room. Thus, these are suitable for the living room and dining area. You can also use track lights as ceiling lights in the kitchen.

Spacing of Ceiling Lights

It is necessary to achieve a balanced look with lights. For this, you need to give special attention to their spacing. The following tips will give you a good idea of how to proceed. A single light should always be placed in the centre of the room. This gives equal illumination all around. Shadows are minimal, and there are no dark areas. When using more than one light fixture, space them out evenly. This way, they will not look like a random addition. Just make sure the lights are not placed right above the sitting area. The best way to go about this is by dividing the length of the room by the number of fixtures you intend to use. 

Derwent 5Lt Pendant Ceiling Light Satin Brass w/ Tapered Shades

Placement of Ceiling Lights

The placement of ceiling lights can differ in different rooms. This usually happens because each room has a different purpose and setup. Ceiling lights in the kitchen should be planned properly. There should be a prominent light source right above the island. Even in the rest of the kitchen, the lighting needs to be good. You should be able to see what you are doing without a problem. Similarly, hallway ceiling lights should give consistent lighting. Therefore, these should be installed along the length. Consider using dimmer switches with them. These will let you lower the intensity of the hallway ceiling lights without compromising safety. The main light in the dining room is always centrally placed above the dining table. It should be at a comfortable height, giving proper illumination without obstructing anybody’s view. The bathroom is probably the most intimate space after the bedroom. Functionally, it is also the most used. As such, bathroom ceiling lights should also be carefully considered. Have one light fixture directly above the mirror and use LED ceiling lights in the rest of it.

Aire 4Lt Pendant Bar Ceiling Light Gold & Dark Bronze Finish With Opal Glass

Illuminate Your Space with Style

It is important to select ceiling lights based on the room’s height. This way, when the lights are switched on, your space will glow charmingly. Try different combinations to see what appeals to you the most. Keep in mind the room decor, its purpose, and even the architecture to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look. Let your personality show in your choices, and have fun playing with different styles of lights.

Clifton 3lt Pendant Ceiling Light Antique Brass

If you want some lighting ideas, head over to Comet Lighting. Explore the diverse range and get inspired. It’s time to start your home’s lighting transformation journey.


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