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How to Position Wall Lights for Maximum Impact in Every Room

So you selected the perfect designer wall lights that match your style, what next? An important step after this is to decide the best position for your wall light. People either place the light too high, or too low or maybe place it in a way that casts weird shadows of the objects present in the room.

With the right positioning of your wall light fittings, you can add depth and dimension to your space. It helps you highlight the architectural features present in the room. Lastly, it helps the light create a warm and inviting vibe in every room.

But how to go about the process of positioning your wall lights correctly? Read on to know all the aspects of wall light positioning in your living room, bedroom, dining room and hallways and ensure every corner of your home is well-lit and cosy.

Best Way to Position Wall Lights in the Living Room

The living room is where you spend quality time with your family and entertain guests. Proper lighting can make this space feel warm, inviting, and functional. 

One way of using wall lights for living room is to create ambient lighting. For this, you must place them at eye level on either side of the fireplace or TV unit. This will provide the perfect glow needed to enjoy the fun activities in the living room. You can even install dimmers to adjust the brightness according to your needs.

You can even opt for a more layered lighting approach in your living room. You can do this by placing modern wall lights behind your couch or chairs which will in turn create a soft backlighting effect. This adds depth and dimension to the room while preventing harsh shadows. 

Lastly, you can position your unique designer wall lights above bookcases or artwork. This tweak will instantly highlight these features of your living room and create visual interest.

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Best Way to Position Wall Lights in the Bedroom 

When you enter your bedroom at the end of a long day, you must feel nothing but relaxed. The right wall light placement is key to ensuring your bedroom has the desired atmosphere. 

Placing a wall light beside the is a classic choice that provides ample reading light while creating a relaxing ambience. Position the wall lights bedroom about 20-24 inches from the edge of the bed and at the same height as your bedside table for the perfect light.

If you have a sitting area in your bedroom, then you must consider placing brass wall lights on either side of the chair. This makes it a perfect corner for reading books, chatting with friends or relatives and doing your work. You can also install LED wall lights above your dresser or vanity to provide task lighting whenever you’re getting ready. 

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Best Way to Position Wall Lights in the Dining Room 

The dining room is a space for gathering and enjoying your meals with loved ones. Here, the right placement of wall lights can set the mood and create a happy space for everyone to eat properly. 

One popular option is to install a chandelier above the dining table, centred over each end. This creates a warm, ambient glow that flatters your guests and highlights the table setting. 

You can position wall lights along the perimeter of the room, either at eye level or above the chair rail height. This approach provides overall brightening while allowing you to use a decorative chandelier or pendant light as the centrepiece above the table.

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Best Way to Position Wall Lights in the Entryways and Hallways

Your entryway and hallways are often overlooked areas, but with the right wall light placement you can completely transform these spaces into stylish and functional zones. Instal black wall lights beside your front door to create the perfect warm first impression for your guests. This small piece of lighting provides a welcoming touch making everyone feel at home. Choose lights that complement your home's architectural style and also be cautious while selecting the size. They should seem appropriate for the space.

In the hallways, on the other hand, you must go for evenly spaced wall light fittings. This will make them feel less dark and can provide ample lighting while adding visual interest to otherwise plain areas. 

Here, you must install the light at eye level or slightly above to create a sense of depth and dimension. You can also highlight your artwork or other elements of the hallway by using fabric wall lights above or beside them.

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Bonus Tips to Keep in Mind While Positioning Your Wall Lights    

  • As a general rule, wall lights should be mounted at eye level or slightly above, typically between 5 and 7 feet from the floor. This placement ensures that the light is cast downward, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere without causing glare.
  • For spacing, the common rule is to place your wall light fittings 6 to 8 feet apart along a wall. This spacing, however,  usually depends on the size of the room and the lighting effect one is going for. 
  • Always layer your wall lights with other lighting sources, such as overhead fixtures, table lamps, or floor lamps. This will effortlessly create a well-balanced and functional lighting scheme in your home.

    Wrapping up

    Taking the time to strategically position the wall lights can improve the overall ambience, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of any room in your home. Simply keep the above points in mind and get fully creative with the placement. 

    This little effort on your end can transform ordinary spaces into ones that truly reflect your unique style and personality. 

    You no longer have to settle for a dull, lifeless space when you can explore the array of wall lights at Comet Lighting. Choose the perfect option to create a personalized, well-lit space that you'll love coming home to every day.

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