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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Designer Wall Lights: Tips and Tricks

Have you ever walked into a room and felt an instant sense of warmth, most probably all thanks goes to the perfect lighting! Wall lights not only improve the overall style and aesthetic of the room but also provide enough scope for customisation. Nowadays, we even have energy-efficient LED wall lights that help reduce consumption.

But with so numerous options available, how do you select the perfect ones for your home? Read this ultimate guide to get hold of all the tips and tricks you need when buying designer wall lights.

Buy Wall Lights Based on Your Room's Lighting Needs

Not all of your rooms have the same purpose. Different rooms have different lighting requirements based on their use. 

For bedrooms, one needs a relaxing feel and hence, should go with soft wall lights for the bedroom like gentle sconces or swing-arm lamps. These placed beside the bed can help with nighttime reading. 

In living rooms designated for entertaining purposes, choose brighter wall lights. These can either act as the main light source or can also complement your already existing overhead lights. Uplighting wall sconces that shine warmly upwards work well in these living areas.

Dimple Wall Light 

Get the Right Size of Wall Lights Based on Your Room Space

Wall lights too big in size can overpower a small room, while the smaller ones may look out of place in a large room. As a rule of thumb, choose lighting and fixtures around 1/4 to 1/3 of the wall length. 

In this respect, the ceiling height matters too - tall ceilings allow larger wall lights. For example, in the cozy corner of your home, small swing-arm sconces placed at eye level provide perfect task lighting without overpowering the small space.

 Highclere 2-Light Wall Light with Natural Linen Shade

Ensure Your Wall Lights Complement Your Home's Style

Your wall lights should fit your home's overall look and decor. For instance, in a modern house, go for sleek black wall lights with simple lines or wood and metal designs. 

On the other hand, for traditional, formal spaces, choose brass wall lights or elegant crystal wall lights. These pieces will very well complement the sophisticated style you're going for. 

At the end of the day, choose a wall light that blends nicely with your furniture, colours, and architectural details.


Experiment with Different Materials Like Metal, Glass, or Fabric to Get the Perfect Wall Light

The best part about wall lights is that they come in many materials, each with its texture. 

Brass wall lights provide warmth and elegance, perfect to give your home an inviting feel. Glass wall lights with see-through shades help you achieve an airy, lightweight look. For cosiness, consider fabric wall lights with patterned or textured shades. 

You can also use durable materials like concrete for striking wall lights indoors or on covered patios.

 Gila Wall Light Satin Brass

Play with Shapes - Geometric, Sculptural, or Classic

Be bold and have fun with the shape of your designer wall lights to fit your style. Angular, geometric designs make a bold, modern impact, while free-flowing, sculpted pieces offer a creative, unique look. For a timeless style, simple cylinder or dome shapes work well. Mix and match different shapes for an eclectic vibe.

Orb 1lt Wall

Look for Dimmable Wall Light Options to Set the Mood

Dimmable wall light fittings are very flexible, allowing you to easily shift between different light levels and moods. With dimmers, you can go from bright lighting ideal for entertaining or working, to a softer feel perfect for relaxing movie nights or intimate dinners. With the smart dimming technology, you can control your lights by voice, app or schedule making adjusting even easier.

Kieron 1lt Wall

Highlight Your Treasured Artwork or Features with Statement Wall Light Placement

While buying your wall light, also keep in mind the existing artwork or features present in your home. Ensure your wall lights are present in such a way that they showcase your favourite art pieces, interior plants, or architectural features like fireplaces, archways or built-ins. 

Within the wall lights category, we have adjustable arm sconces that let you aim the light exactly where you want. Mounting lights to shine upwards along walls or ceilings creates a spacious, open feeling by drawing the eye vertically.

Navren Swing Arm Wall Light

Your Wall Light Should also Complement Other Light Sources 

While wall lights add lovely lighting, you'll likely need other light sources too for sufficient overall brightness. When choosing wall lights, consider how they'll complement lamps, overhead fixtures, or natural light from windows. 

For example, wall lights for the living room could provide warm background lighting, while a bright overhead fixture offers task lighting for activities. Finding the right balance prevents a space from feeling too dim or harsh.


Be Creative with Placing Your Wall Lights 

Did you know that your wall lights don't have to just be mounted traditionally on walls? It gives you the liberty to be highly creative with placement! 

You can line a hallway or staircase with multiple wall lights for ample lighting. Or mount them underneath kitchen cabinets as task lighting for the countertops below. 

You can even install wall lights on tall floor plants or bookshelves to give a unique accent lighting. With some imagination, wall lights become versatile design elements throughout your home.

Choosing the perfect designer modern wall lights is an art form that combines your aesthetic sensibility, functional requirements, and personal style. 

Even though it might seem like a tall task, it isn't! Just follow these tips, tricks and your intuition, to make an informed decision. Ultimately your light pieces should not only brighten up your space but also reflect your unique taste and personality. 

To better present your personality through your lights, explore the range of wall lights available at Comet Lighting! We have a piece for everyone. Choose the one that exactly represents your taste and transform your home into a beautiful, inviting space that truly shines.

Marietta Wall Light Antique Brass

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