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Design For The People

All about DFTP lighting

Introduction to DFTP: A Symphony of Light and Style

Design For The People (DFTP) emerges as a beacon for those who cherish contemporary and innovative lighting designs in their personal spaces. Synonymous with minimalistic charm and quirky pendant lights, The Online Lighting Store proudly presents an extensive collection of over 100 unique light fixtures from this distinguished brand. Experience the allure of DFTP lighting with exceptional deals when you shop with us, bringing an essence of modernity and sophistication to your environment.

The Essence of DFTP Lighting: A Blend of Style and Function

DFTP, a signature range from the renowned brand Nordlux, is crafted to ignite a passion for home lighting across the globe. This selection encompasses stylish, functional, affordable, and high-quality products that redefine the aesthetics of domestic lighting. Whether you're contemplating replacing the central light in your living room for something subtler, or seeking fashionable floating lights to accentuate your dining area, the DFTP collection offers an array of choices to fulfill your desires.

The Unique Appeal of DFTP Lighting

What sets DFTP lighting apart is the creative genius of esteemed Danish designers, who are dedicated to elevating lighting innovation. From the highly sought-after Nori pendant lights to the distinctively elegant marble table lamps, DFTP stands as a premium brand sans the premium price tag. This fusion of affordability with high-end design makes DFTP a go-to option for those seeking to infuse a touch of luxury into their spaces.

Popular Picks from DFTP's Lighting Collection

The Online Lighting Store takes pride in featuring some of the most popular DFTP lighting products, including:

  • Strap 27 White with Brown Leather Strap Detail Pendant Light

  • MIB 6 White with Adjustable Head Ceiling Light

  • MIB 6 Black Metal with Black Cable Floor Lamp

  • MIB 6 White Metal with White Textile Cable Pendant Light

For enthusiasts searching for DFTP lights that resemble drum cymbals, the Artist series is your perfect match, easily discoverable through the store's top search bar.

DFTP's Solution for Outdoor Illumination

DFTP also offers unique solutions for exterior lighting, particularly in the realm of portable options. If your space restricts permanent exterior wall lighting, consider the DFTP Strap To-Go LED White And Black Portable Light. This versatile piece is an excellent addition for those cozy summer evenings in the garden, post-barbecue, providing a warm and inviting ambiance.

Selecting DFTP Lamps for Bedrooms

When it comes to bedroom lighting, the Angle Adjustable Wall Lights (available in grey, black, and white) from DFTP are exceptional choices. These lights are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, featuring a USB port on the side - perfect for overnight phone charging on the bedside table.

Discover Great Deals on Top Brand Names

Are you captivated by the DFTP range? If you're keen on exploring similar brands that offer stunning lighting solutions, we suggest browsing our designer pendant lights and the ultra-modern selections from our Paul Neuhaus range. These collections complement the DFTP offerings, providing an array of choices to enhance your lighting experience and bring an air of elegance to your space.

Lighting Up Your World with DFTP

Design For The People (DFTP) is not just a brand; it's a statement of style, functionality, and innovation in lighting design. Whether it's the chic minimalism of their pendant lights or the practical elegance of their bedroom lamps, DFTP offers a lighting solution for every taste and need. By choosing DFTP, you are not just selecting a light fixture; you are embracing a lifestyle that values design, quality, and affordability. Illuminate your world with the distinct charm of DFTP, available at The Online Lighting Store, where great deals and an array of choices await you.

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