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Designer Pendant Lights


Brighten Your Home with Designer Pendant Lights

Designer pendant lights are a very apt solution if you want to make your home look sophisticated and welcoming. These contemporary hanging lights are statement fixtures that arrest everyone’s attention. They showcase your impeccable taste and add a refined touch. However, many people are unsure how to use designer pendant lights in their homes. To be honest, there is no rocketry involved. Instead, it is a matter of figuring out what looks good and what doesn’t. So, get ready to remove dullness from your home and brighten your life with designer pendant lights.

What are the benefits of designer pendant lights?

Pendant lights are one of the most adaptable contemporary hanging lamps that you would come across. Yet, the most important question that arises is, ‘Why would one want to buy designer pendant lamps?’ So, here’s a look at their benefits:

  1. Illumination - Just because they are designer does not mean that, like designer clothes which look good on models but are not practical, the lights will only look good and fail to do a proper job in a regular house. Even designer vintage pendant lighting will illuminate your space brilliantly. These lights do not lack in performance. Some of them use the most cutting-edge technology, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

  2. Style Statement - Designer pendant lights are a style statement. Their designs have been conceived by prominent designers in the field. Therefore, in every home where they hang, they add a definitive finesse. Be it a studio apartment or a mansion, designer glass pendant lighting looks good in every home. Being a designer product, they add an eclectic touch to the entire house.

  3. Create Ambience - Depending on which type of designer pendant lights you choose, you can develop ambience in the home. For instance, consider copper pendant lights. These designer pendant lamps have a shiny, reddish-brown hue. Due to oxidation over time, a beautiful patina develops over them. Yet their reflective surface continues to give a warm, inviting glow. So, if you want to create a charming and winsome ambience, copper pendant lights are perfect. 

  4. Energy Efficiency - LED pendant lamps combine the beauty of pendants with the energy efficiency of modern technology. LED bulbs in contemporary hanging lights do not compromise functionality. Hence, homeowners who want to light up their homes but with due consideration to power bills can look for these money-saving, energy-efficient options. Another thing that works in favour of designer LED pendant lamps is that they require very little maintenance and have a long, useful product life. It means you get a value-for-money deal.

What are the latest trends in designer pendant lights?

Pendant lights come in various shapes and forms. Its designs are as varied as the lights themselves. Some trending styles in designer pendant lights are:

  1. Globe Pendant Lights - In looks, these lights have a simple round shape. Despite that, when lit up, their glowing smooth curves heighten the senses. Globe pendant lights are made from materials such as glass, plastic or metal. Their surface can be clear, coloured or frosted. With each, you will get a different lighting effect. The different effects that can be achieved through these lights make them a crowd-pleaser.

  2. Cluster Pendant Lights - These are a group of pendant lights that can be hung at different heights, creating an awe factor. The clusters can be formed of different colours, shapes and sizes, or you can opt for one standard pattern; that’s entirely your choice. Cluster pendant lights make even the most boring ceilings look alive and interesting.

  3. Brass & Gold Pendant Lights - Brass & gold pendant lights are made of solid brass, gold plating or brass-coated material. These are bold and quite striking to look at. They steal the show over the dining table and, at the same time, make it look like something to be proud of. At the entryway, their gleaming finish and refined look draw attention. Brass & gold pendant lights are an impactful lighting solution. 

  4. Black Pendant Lights - Black pendant lights may sound too simple a solution. You want your lights to pop and not fade into the walls. That’s exactly why these lights are a brilliant solution. Their large sizes and extravagant designs will not let them be ignored by anyone. As hallway lights and over the kitchen island, black pendant lights will add a tempting touch.

How do I choose the best designer pendant lights for my space?

The best ceiling lights are not always the costliest. Truth be told, many times, even the cheaper options are a good fit. What is important is that you choose those designer ceiling lights for your rooms that actually make the room look better. For that, you need to consider:

  1. Room Size - Room size determines whether you need big ceiling lights or smaller ones. In large rooms, small lights will not do and vice-versa. Therefore, the light fixture should be scaled as per the room size.

  2. Light placement - The pendant lights are not always placed centrally in the room. Sometimes, they are installed in corners and occasionally central to a specific area. For example, you may choose to install the living room pendant lights in such a manner that they are central to the main seating arrangement, on one side of the room. In these cases, the size of the designer ceiling lights should be proportionate to the seating area.

  3. Room Decor - The designer pendant lights have to match the room decor. In a classic setting, vintage pendant lighting will be a mesmerising factor. Contemporary hanging lamps are very versatile, yet you need to ensure that, in contrast also, they work well with the other things in the room.

Can designer pendant lights serve as the primary source of lighting?

The primary source of lighting for any room is the ambient lights. The work of these lights is to chase away all shadows. Designer pendant lights can most definitely fulfil this role. The only thing is, if the room is large, you may have to evenly pace out the LED pendant lights so that their brilliance can reach each corner of the room. Conversely, if the room is small a single large designer ceiling light fixture will be needed.

How do I choose the right colour temperature for designer pendant lights?

The purpose of pendant lights is to create welcoming vibes in the house. Whoever enters should feel the inviting ambience. To get this look, warm white lights are most suitable because of their orange and yellow tones. These tones cast a happy glow. You can add cool white, which is more of a white light, in spaces like the bathroom, basement, or attic. In these areas, more light is required because they are inherently dark, and people expect them to have a dingy look. That thought dies a natural death with bright white light. As a result, depending on the area where the designer pendant lights will let their graceful presence be known, you can choose an appropriate colour temperature.

Closing Thoughts

Be it living room pendant lights or dining room pendant lights, wherever designer ceiling lights are hung, they captivate and mesmerise. This is, after all, their beauty. These elegant lights are a charming addition to every home. Carefully choose them and set them up in different locations for a tasteful touch. Take care not to go overboard. Balance is the key so stick to it. If you want to add designer pendant lights to your abode, look at the collection at Comet Lighting. We have a designer pendant light for every room and every corner. If you want help with different styles of lights for different spaces, read our blog, ‘A Quick Guide to Ceiling Light Styles for Every Space.’ 


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