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All about Quintiesse Lighting

Introduction to Quintiesse Lighting

Quintiesse Lighting stands as a paragon of luxury in the realm of interior design. It's not just a brand; it's a revolution in lighting, where each piece is a blend of artistic flair and practical illumination. This transformative approach to lighting infuses spaces with sophistication and charm, offering an unparalleled boutique experience.

The Quintiesse Philosophy

At the heart of Quintiesse Lighting is the philosophy of marrying artistic design with functional lighting. Every fixture is crafted to be a centerpiece, a conversation starter, transcending the traditional boundaries of lighting.

A Spectrum of Elegance

Quintiesse's diverse range of collections caters to varied aesthetic preferences, each distinct yet unified in elegance and quality.

  • Kimrose Collection: A Tribute to Art Deco
  • Echoing the geometric elegance of the Art Deco era, the Kimrose Collection features fixtures in Brushed Natural Brass or Polished Nickel, adorned with clear fluted glass shades. These pieces are perfect for those who appreciate the timeless beauty of past eras brought into contemporary spaces.

  • Facet Collection: The Boldness of Modernity
  • The Facet Collection is a celebration of contemporary design. With its hexagonal etched glass and striking angles, this collection comes in finishes like Heritage Brass, Polished Chrome, or Matte Black, catering to the modern aesthetic.

  • Pim Collection: Nostalgia in Modern Lighting
  • The Pim Collection brings mid-century modern design into the present with its round-shaped satin etched cased opal glasses. Available in finishes like Fox Gold or Polished Chrome, it's ideal for both modern and transitional interiors.

  • Ashland Bay Collection: Colonial Charm Redefined
  • The Ashland Bay Collection adds a touch of colonial elegance with traditional designs, burnished bronze finishes, and clear seeded glass. It pairs beautifully with Edison-style LED bulbs for an added vintage appeal.

  • Somerset Collection: Understated Elegance
  • Subtly fusing modernity with vintage charm, the Somerset Collection features fixtures in Heritage Brass, Brushed Nickel, or Black finishes. The etched opal or clear seedy glass components add a layer of sophistication to any interior.

  • Elroy Collection: Versatile and Charming
  • The Elroy Collection showcases versatility with mini-pendant designs that feature clear ribbed optic glass and bold strap details. Suitable for a range of styles, these fixtures are available in various finishes, fitting seamlessly from traditional settings to modern farmhouses.

    Tailoring Lighting to Individual Spaces

    Quintiesse Lighting provides bespoke solutions for various spaces, be it bathroom lighting, exterior lighting, or ceiling lights. Crafted with high-quality materials, each piece is a testament to durability and timeless style.

    Quintiesse's collaborations with renowned designers bring additional depth and innovation to their collections. These partnerships create fixtures that are rich in narrative and design, transcending the ordinary.

    Bringing Quintiesse Home

    Quintiesse Lighting is accessible through Comet Lighting, offering a gateway to incorporating this elegance into your home. Exploring their collections, whether online or in-store, opens up a world of sophisticated lighting solutions.

    The Quintiesse Difference

    Quintiesse Lighting is more than a brand; it's an experience. With a range that spans from bold contemporary designs to subtle, sophisticated pieces, Quintiesse offers a lighting solution for every taste, transforming spaces into illuminated masterpieces of design.

    As Quintiesse continues to evolve, it remains at the forefront of lighting design, constantly introducing innovative and elegant solutions. Its commitment to quality and design ensures that it will remain a beloved choice for those seeking luxury in lighting.

    In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Quintiesse is also committed to sustainability. By incorporating energy-efficient designs and sustainable materials, Quintiesse is not just lighting up spaces but also paving the way for a brighter, greener future.

    The Impact of Quintiesse

    Customers and designers alike praise Quintiesse for its impact on their spaces. From transforming a mundane room into a luxurious haven to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, Quintiesse's influence is far-reaching and profound.

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