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All about Stiffel Lighting

Lighting the Way Since 1932

Stiffel Lighting, a beacon of innovation in the world of lighting, began its journey in Chicago, Illinois, in 1932. Founded by the visionary craftsman and artist Ted Stiffel, the company has since been synonymous with excellence and creativity in metal lamp manufacturing. Stiffel's artistic background laid the foundation for a company that would not only produce functional lamps but also works of art.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship and Quality

From its inception, Stiffel Lighting distinguished itself through a commitment to quality and artistic design. This dedication was evident during World War II when the company contributed to the war effort by manufacturing vital components for anti-aircraft guns. Post-war, Stiffel returned to its roots, focusing on crafting the highest quality metal lamps, a tradition that continues to this day.

Innovations that Illuminate

Over the years, Stiffel has been at the forefront of lamp industry innovations. Notable achievements include the patented Stiffel Switch and the introduction of the pole lamp, showcasing the company's ability to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. These innovations have cemented Stiffel's position as an industry leader and have contributed significantly to the evolution of lamp design.

The Art of Lamp Making: A Step-by-Step Journey

Each Stiffel lamp begins as a vision in the minds of our skilled artists, inspired by various artifacts, architecture, or works of art. This vision is brought to life through a meticulous design and manufacturing process:

Design and Inspiration: At Stiffel, every design is an original, stemming from the creative minds of our in-house artists. Each lamp design goes through rigorous scrutiny to ensure it meets our high standards.

Mould Making and Casting: Our artisans skillfully create three-dimensional plaster models as prototypes. These models are then used to create detailed metal moulds. The hand-casting process involves pouring a specially formulated molten metal alloy into these moulds, resulting in the distinctive weight and substance of a Stiffel lamp.

Plating and Polishing: After casting, each piece undergoes a unique cleaning and plating process. Traditional designs receive a special treatment to achieve an antique patina, followed by hand buffing to reveal the brass's natural beauty.

Final Assembly and Wiring: The assembly process includes applying a specially formulated lacquer to preserve the finish. Each lamp is then wired with top-quality electrical components and undergoes rigorous testing.

Finishing Touches: The final step involves hand-finishing each casting, a process that highlights the intricate design details and gives Stiffel lamps their distinctive shine.

Diverse Product Range

Stiffel's product line extends beyond traditional lamps to include a variety of lighting solutions:

Floor Lamps: Elegant and versatile, perfect for any corner of your home.

Table Lamps: A blend of functionality and artistry, ideal for desks and side tables.

Tables/Accessories: Complementary pieces that enhance the aesthetic of any space.

Lamp Shades: A range of designs to suit every taste.

Hospitality Lighting: Custom solutions for commercial and hospitality spaces.

Our Brands: A Spectrum of Excellence

Stiffel is part of Cutting Edge Industries, a diverse American manufacturing firm. Cutting Edge specializes in lighting, furniture, and more, with a commitment to quality and American craftsmanship. Another brand under this umbrella is Lite Tops, a leader in fabric lighting fixtures and lampshades, known for its innovative designs and customization options.

Stiffel Today: Continuing the Tradition of Excellence

Today, Stiffel Lighting operates from a 40,000 square foot facility in Linden, New Jersey. The company's commitment to American manufacturing and fine craftsmanship remains unwavering. Each Stiffel lamp is not just a lighting fixture; it's an investment in enduring quality and artistry.

As we look to the future, Stiffel Lighting continues to shine brightly, blending tradition with innovation. With a legacy of quality, design excellence, and innovative craftsmanship, Stiffel lamps are more than just lighting solutions – they are timeless pieces that add elegance and sophistication to any space.

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